Tower Valiant

Session 4

Returning to Angmarl Stead with Tila, the party received a warm welcome, and plenty of cider. Lysios was given a family heirloom of the farmers- a magical rod which Wil’s Grandfather Uvos Ostran bore on his adventures into the Lost Hold of Fjingard. Staying up late into the night reading Uvos’ journal, the party became aware of a melancholy singing outside. As they watched from the stable, Tila stood entranced. They sneaked out to investigate, Jon climbing up the roof but unable to see anything. They stumbled around the woods for some time before finding the malformed satyr who had lured them out, crooning through his goat-like muzzle. Although shielded by tentacles of fell darkness, they managed to best him, looting his otherworldly armour and weapons. The next morning they headed back to the Crown of Angmarl in order to discover once and for all the source of the otherworldly influences which were plaguing the woods. They dealt with the goblins which guarded the stone circle in short order, but discovered their the entrance to their lair nearby- a shaft leading down into darkness…

Session 3

Leaving Menna and Jon to deal with their wounds, the party soldiered on, meeting back up with Druk, Griffle and Gyles. Before long, they rounded a corner to face a fey troll in the middle of a dwarf-built bridge. Initial tentative attempts at diplomacy failed, resulting in the troll being crippled by a failed sleep spell and then being subject to hallucinatory dream-walking straight off the edge of the bridge into the white rushing water. Sprinting away from the raging troll, the party slowed when it found itself next to a side trail. They wandered off the main path to find a fortified farmstead, in which they were given a curt welcome, but some vital clues- the missing girl, Tila, was daughter of Wil Ostran and his wife Sal. The party considered sleeping where they were, but decided that the two hour walk further was not too far to go. As they stumbled through the night-haunted woods, they found themselves distracted by the lights that danced between the trees, before becoming aware of the deep shadows beneath the trees that accompanied them. Wandering into Angmarl stead by night, the party convinced Wil Ostran to give them a bed for the night. Starting early the next morning they trekked into the woods toward the Crown, until they found the goblins clustered around the stone circle. Teleporting Lysios in, glittering with faerie fire, they demanded the child, and got it (with a bit of persuasion and prestidigitation), before lobbing her into the woods and running like all the hells. They were quickly caught, and squared off against the Goblin horde in a clearing thrumming with magical energy, where they lobbed bolt after bolt of arcane force. Even their sling stones and axe-blades seemed guided by the force of the place as they quickly despatched the deformed menaces.

Session 2

Kept waiting on the results of their fight, the party wandered amongst the crowd, meeting up with their friends Menna and Wil Erikson. They were summoned back to the dias by a trumpet call, in order to hear the triumphant announcement- of the victory of The Broken Arrows. Slightly disillusioned, the group went to the Imperial Star Inn for a drink, where they bumped into Saeron Star Eye, Warlock-Mistress of the Citadel (an odd sight, even in a well regarded establishment). She seemed willing to talk to Jon, who eventually managed to convince her of the viability of using The Outer Watch as deniable troubleshooters- after forcing a couple of drinks down her and considering seducing her. The group were given a task to prove their competence and discretion immediately- investigation of strange occurrences in the woods to the north-west, around the ancient monument known as the Crown of Angmarl. People have reported seeing dancing lights, and a farmer’s daughter has gone missing. The group celebrated their success by busking with well-placed fire magic whilst simultaneously picking the pockets of the crowd and seducing merchant’s wives late into the night. Heading off neither bright nor particularly early the next morning, the group followed their rough map north through the Knightsgate toward the ruins and the nearby homesteads, their journey along the disused merchant’s road interrupted only by a group of roosting drakes. Their response was swift, brutal, and inaccurate, leaving the little wood that wasn’t smouldering hacked to chips, but the deadly menace was defeated.

Session 1

Druk Maiden, Griffle, Jon and Lysios Shattered Sky entered the Apprentice Day games in the hopes of attracting the attention of the Cohort of the Iron Dragon. Whilst waiting for the challenge, they wagered on games of strength with The Lantern Boys, games of skill with The Broken Arrows and failed brutally in attempts at an athletic scam. After stealing poison from a Southern Alchemist, the party performed a bit of detective work, threatening the Bane worshiping members of The Lantern Boys with exposure and shaking their confidence before the vital upcoming battle. The combat came round in due time, and the party performed admirably- especially in comparison to the other parties- smashing the summoned daemons in the walls of the pit with waves of ear splitting thunder, and dismembering them with brutal axe-swings.


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