Tower Valiant

Session 4

Returning to Angmarl Stead with Tila, the party received a warm welcome, and plenty of cider. Lysios was given a family heirloom of the farmers- a magical rod which Wil’s Grandfather Uvos Ostran bore on his adventures into the Lost Hold of Fjingard. Staying up late into the night reading Uvos’ journal, the party became aware of a melancholy singing outside. As they watched from the stable, Tila stood entranced. They sneaked out to investigate, Jon climbing up the roof but unable to see anything. They stumbled around the woods for some time before finding the malformed satyr who had lured them out, crooning through his goat-like muzzle. Although shielded by tentacles of fell darkness, they managed to best him, looting his otherworldly armour and weapons. The next morning they headed back to the Crown of Angmarl in order to discover once and for all the source of the otherworldly influences which were plaguing the woods. They dealt with the goblins which guarded the stone circle in short order, but discovered their the entrance to their lair nearby- a shaft leading down into darkness…



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