Tower Valiant

Session 2

Kept waiting on the results of their fight, the party wandered amongst the crowd, meeting up with their friends Menna and Wil Erikson. They were summoned back to the dias by a trumpet call, in order to hear the triumphant announcement- of the victory of The Broken Arrows. Slightly disillusioned, the group went to the Imperial Star Inn for a drink, where they bumped into Saeron Star Eye, Warlock-Mistress of the Citadel (an odd sight, even in a well regarded establishment). She seemed willing to talk to Jon, who eventually managed to convince her of the viability of using The Outer Watch as deniable troubleshooters- after forcing a couple of drinks down her and considering seducing her. The group were given a task to prove their competence and discretion immediately- investigation of strange occurrences in the woods to the north-west, around the ancient monument known as the Crown of Angmarl. People have reported seeing dancing lights, and a farmer’s daughter has gone missing. The group celebrated their success by busking with well-placed fire magic whilst simultaneously picking the pockets of the crowd and seducing merchant’s wives late into the night. Heading off neither bright nor particularly early the next morning, the group followed their rough map north through the Knightsgate toward the ruins and the nearby homesteads, their journey along the disused merchant’s road interrupted only by a group of roosting drakes. Their response was swift, brutal, and inaccurate, leaving the little wood that wasn’t smouldering hacked to chips, but the deadly menace was defeated.



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