Tower Valiant

Session 1

Druk Maiden, Griffle, Jon and Lysios Shattered Sky entered the Apprentice Day games in the hopes of attracting the attention of the Cohort of the Iron Dragon. Whilst waiting for the challenge, they wagered on games of strength with The Lantern Boys, games of skill with The Broken Arrows and failed brutally in attempts at an athletic scam. After stealing poison from a Southern Alchemist, the party performed a bit of detective work, threatening the Bane worshiping members of The Lantern Boys with exposure and shaking their confidence before the vital upcoming battle. The combat came round in due time, and the party performed admirably- especially in comparison to the other parties- smashing the summoned daemons in the walls of the pit with waves of ear splitting thunder, and dismembering them with brutal axe-swings.



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