Amongst the dense forests of the Northern frontier, the citadel of Tower Valiant and the town that shares its name are the final outpost of civilisation before the steep, trackless hills rise to the unimaginable heights of the Earthspear Mountains. The forests of the frontier are littered with the ivy-choked ruins of attempted settlements. Whether their downfall was the result of the harshness of the weather, the dangers that lurk in the shadow of the woods, or the sheer distance from the fading influence of the Empire, all efforts have slowly sunk back into the trees. All that remain are the mighty citadel of Tower Valiant, its isolated mountain redoubt, Tower Vigilant, and the hamlets and farms that cling to them, ever watching for signs of stirrings and insidious threats from the terrible wilderness beyond the Earthspear’s peaks. As residents of Tower Valiant, you know how precarious your situation is. Beyond the tall granite walls of the town, the forest presses close, and the calls of animals- and worse- echo through the streets on quiet nights. Official contact with the government in the south has grown less and less frequent in recent years, and the merchants who come up by the river to trade for furs and stone are more and more nervous- and with reason. A darkness is descending upon the Empire. Stability is no longer assured. And ancient threats are beginning to stir once again…

Campaign Rules:

Tower Valiant uses the core D&D rules, with a few exceptions and additions as outlined below.

Player Characters:

All Classes mentioned in the PH are available to play, along with the following from DDI: Artificer.
All Races mentioned in the PH are available to play, along with the following from the MM: Gnome, Shifter (Longtooth), Shifter  (Razorclaw).

Tower Valiant